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How to spot fakes for 3M N95 and how to filter through 3M N95 1860 Brokers

How to spot fakes for 3M N95 and how to filter through 3M N95 1860 Brokers

Forewarning: If you are getting into this space. Be prepared to waste a lot of time and go on emotional rollercoasters. By the way, this is not legal advice, I am just sharing my experience.

For the last couple of weeks, I have been helping my friend who is a direct buyer for healthcare and state agencies.

It’s been one of the most rushing and annoying experiences in my life trying to get them authentic goods and filter through middleman after middleman to find out the goods were either

  • Fake
  • Expired
  • Bought before us
  • or the terms on the deal were sketchy, such as a sketchy escrow account in the virgin islands with no site and sketchy Linkedin page.

In one experience I asked for a custom proof of life video with my name and the date. When I got the video back I was SUPER happy to finally present this to my buyer and get the deal rolling.

Luckily from so much outreach, I finally found a group of experienced legit brokers who were helping me vet deals.

Everything on paper looked good such as the escrow bank being a legit large bank, buyers with normal social media profiles on say like Linkedin or Facebook, and terms (escrow/LC) that were favorable to protect the buyer.

However, as soon as I showed the custom proof of life video to a friend, Sam, he knew it was expired right away. Here’s what the old expired batches look like

New up to date models from 2013 to present should look like this below. And this is what you want to be buying. Note one of the easy giveaways is the warning text on the mask that the new ones have

“[12:34 AM, 4/10/2020] Sam Mask: the expired date is on the side, left side of the box

[12:34 AM, 4/10/2020] Sam Mask: expiration date*

[12:35 AM, 4/10/2020] Sam Mask: the lot number begins with a B and has up to 6 digits

[12:35 AM, 4/10/2020] Sam Mask: longer it is = newer
Also another giveaway is the carton. The current ones look like”

Sam was helping hospitals since January and ran into this problem himself when he almost got duped.


In addition to the above here are some lingo and steps you should be asking about each deal to filter out Sellers.

  • Sign an NCNDA
  • Background story — how do you know the seller?

POL — Proof of Life. Do you have any such documents below and at what stage in the process will be able to see it?

LOI/PO — addressed to who?

  • Business name
  • Address
  • Telephone
  • Email
  • Escrow terms
  • Escrow bank — What bank will be used?
  • Payment terms
  • Location of goods
  • Lead time
  • Price

To submit a buying request please go send it here, we will reach out to you in about 24 hours:


WhatsApp: +1 305 915 7450
email: info@atlanticmedicalgear.com

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